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QUASAR: The amplifier you can listen to, by Tiberiu Vicol

QUASAR V13 top

I built my first QUAD405 in 1988.
From 1991 I started to improve this amazing design by  addressing schematic, pcb layout and components.
The result is QUASAR, now at version 17.
Each component was carefully chosen not only by datasheet specifications, but also by extensive listening sessions.
We are proud to offer a current dumping amplifier completely redesigned, which offer superb sonic performance.
I'm confident, that by building this amplifier, you will rediscover and live
your music again.
                                                                                                                                                       Tiberiu Vicol

For current dumping related documents please see support section.

We are glad to build a Quasar amplifier for you, therefore we invite you to listen Quasar 17 in our show-room.
In order to achieve best performance, we made customised amplifiers based on customer speaker system.
Please also visit our gallery and see what others say about Quasar.

Do It Yourself a QUASAR Ver 13

If you are a Do It Yourself hobbyist, and you would like to build your own QUASAR 13, we can provide all components to build Quasar 13 from scratch.
Top quality 70um Cu PCB's supporting DIP or SMD operational and lateral or vertical MOS-FET's.
PCB was designed in order to accomodate a large variety of components by different sizes and types.
Size of PCB is 200 x 86 mm.

QUASAR v13i board mountedQUASAR SE ver12

We are providing, for your convenience, full BOM (Bill Of Materials) in OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. The documents contain links to Partsconnexion , Farnell and RS-Components.*
Just click and add to your basket needed components.
We consider this is the fair way. You can buy high quality, genuine, components from major distributors at a right price.
After many listening hours and fine component tuning, we would like to suggest you an audiophile selection BOM, with components which offer best sonic performance at given price.
Below links refer to QUASAR ver.13 schematic and audiphile BOM.
OpenOffice audiophile BOM Quasar V13.ods
Audiophile BOM Quasar V13.xls
Audiophile BOM Google docs

Adobe document Schematic_Quasar amp v13 Lateral MOSFET

Quasar version 13 with lateral mos-fet

For those who donĀ“t want to spend so much money on audioplile components, we provide a BOM with components listed by BOM Quasar V13.xls

If you wish to build this amplifier with vertical MOSFET - Toshiba or International Rectifier - and with regular components, we recommend below schematic and BOM list.

Vertical MOSFET BOM will be added soon
Adobe document Schematic Quasar amp v13 Vertical MOSFET

Quasar version 13 with vertical mos-fet

Amplifier recommended internal wiring.

Quasar amp ver13 connexions_double_supplyQuasar amp ver13 connexions_simple_supply

Romanian discussion on elforum thread. English discussion on  diyaudio thread.

Please check regularly this page for updates.

Previous version of QUASAR and PCB.


Gerber files version 12.



click to see high resolution picture click to see high resolution picture
click to see high resolution picture click to see high resolution picture

More amplifier pictures at

QUAD405 reborn modifications up to QUASAR (rar archive with large schematic)

Next PCB order will be launched in March 2010. If interested, please mail us.

QUASAR schematic ver.12 using Fairchild transistors FJP1943 & FJP5200

click to see high resolution picture

SMPS power supply version, featuring class A stage with Fairchild FJP1943 and best lateral MOSFET's from Magnatec as dumpers

click to see high resolution picture

For QUASAR amplifier modules or finished amplifier please use contact page.

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